Starting a Child Care Center

Questions to Ask Yourself

Operating a child care center is a wonderful opportunity, but it isn’t for everyone. There are a lot of important considerations. The questions below will help you think about some of these factors and decide if you’re ready to start a child care center.

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Starting a new business can be challenging and comes with financial risk. Are you ready for the potential challenges of starting a new business?

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You will have to find a suitable location, build out or renovate the indoor and outdoor space to meet state requirements, and work with your local zoning, building codes, and inspection processes. Are you able to manage this kind of project?

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As a licensed program, you will have to follow state licensing standards. Are you comfortable with doing so?

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You will need to hire, train, and supervise staff. Are you able to do this?

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Families will depend on your center so they can work. Children will rely on you to care for and nurture them. Is your program able to be open on a regular schedule with enough trained staff?

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Early educators communicate with families regularly. Are you able to build strong relationships with families and set clear expectations for schedules, payment, and behavior?

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Early educators work with diverse children and families. Can you celebrate and support the cultures and values of children and families that are different from your own?

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