Starting a Family Child Care Program

Questions to Ask Yourself

Owning a child care program is a wonderful opportunity, but it isn’t for everyone. There are a lot of important considerations. The questions below will help you think about some of these factors and decide if you’re ready to start a family child care program.

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Child care providers spend long hours working with children and often do not interact with adults. Do you enjoy being with young children?

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Family child care program owners typically work 10 hours a day with few breaks. Do you have the physical and emotional strength for this schedule?

Question 3 of 9

Child care providers juggle the responsibilities of talking with parents, nurturing children, preparing nutritious meals, keeping play areas clean and organized, and more. Are you organized? Can you multi-task?

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Families will depend on you so they can work. Children will rely on you to care for and nurture them. Are you committed and reliable?

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Child care providers communicate with families regularly. Are you able to build strong relationships with families and set clear expectations for schedules, payment, and behavior?

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Child care providers work with diverse children and families. Can you celebrate and support the cultures and values of children and families that are different from your own?

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Most family child care programs are located within a family home. Is your family willing to share your home with others? Have you thought about which areas of your home you will use?

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Starting a new business can be challenging and financially risky. Are you ready for the potential challenges of starting a new business?

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As a licensed program, you will have to follow state licensing standards. Are you comfortable with doing so?

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