Starting a Child Care Center

Attend Child Care Licensing Information Sessions

Child Care Licensing offers a free series of web-based information sessions about the application process and requirements for licensed child care centers. These sessions tell you everything you need to know about the licensing requirements. While not required, attending these sessions is highly recommended.

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Session 1

This session presents an overview of Phase I of the application process for a child care center license, including completing and submitting the application to the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS).

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Session 2

This session presents an overview of Phase II of the application process, which begins after the application has been submitted to DHS for review. During this phase, the application is assigned a licensor. DHS licensing and applicants work on several tasks simultaneously.

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Session 3

This session presents an overview of when an applicant is ready to have a pre-licensing visit scheduled and what an applicant might expect to see and do during this visit from the assigned DHS licensor.

Sessions are scheduled quarterly. If you have specific questions, contact